Monday, January 2, 2012

A True New Year's Resolution

2011 was a very productive and exciting year. I finished my first full year of teaching and am still alive to talk about it... shocker..., bought my first house (and haven't burnt it down) and traveled north of West Virginia...that in itself is a feat people! I saw my fair share of both success and failure, happiness and heart-breaks, but all in all this past year was pretty great.

But goodbye 2011... you definitely weren't my favorite year to boot. But 2012, we just might be best friends.
With many exciting things lurking in this fresh year including my best friend's wedding and turning the big 25, I have decided that this year I'm going to write my first list of resolution ever. I know this may be hard to believe. But no, I am not one of those lunatic crazy enthusiastic people who set goals on January 1st that I know I will never achieve. Why would I resolute to work out in the new year when obviously I haven't stepped foot in a gym in years... and don't plan to any time soon. Eat healthier? Riggght! That's not going to happen either and the strawberry cake covered in icing waiting in the fridge for me is proof of that. And I'm not even going to start on the "finding true love" resolution because love is just one of those things I'm not willing to bet on.

Yesterday I had the constant urge to read Facebook statuses about everyone's goals for the new year just to see what amusing fascinating things people were striving to do in 2012. This obviously was a more daunting task than I had expected considering people were writing novels about what they wanted to accomplish in the next 12 months. However one of my friends posted something that really resonated with me:

"New Year's Resolution: don't make any resolutions. Be happy with life as it is but strive everyday for greatness!"

If only the whole world could live by this. Be happy with life the way it is. What a novel idea. Wake up everyday ready to make that day the greatest yet instead of setting goals on a certain date that you might not get to until months later. Or even worse; break a day later.

So yes... I am going to make a list of resolution for this new year and the first is to be happy. Happy to have a job and place to live. Happy to have family and friends that I love. Happy to be loved. Happy to live. That right there is the first of my many resolutions for 2012.

-With health, wealth and happiness in 2012

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