Saturday, April 30, 2011


Happy 20th Birthday Joey
...the best little brother a big sis could ask for!!

Speaking of my little not so little brother... I was shocked to find out today that one of the fire stations that he works for actually snuck its way into households nationwide this week... through daytime television that is. 

Their station's sign made it onto The Ellen Degeneres Show's "There's Something Seriously Wrong With These Photos."  You heard me right... good old Horneytown Fire Department is now on the map famous. And for those of you who are thinking there is no way in this world that a town with such a name could actually exist... fix your eyes on the proof.
*and click on this link to watch the clip from the show

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sloane Ranger

While watching absurdly unhealthy amounts of the Royal Wedding footage...which is hard not to do when it is the only thing being aired on every channel...a new word was infiltrated into my brain. Something that I have a niche for is catching new vocabulary and using such words in every conversation possible hoping that the new word will catch on like wild fire. I would put it in comparison to how all males thinks it is outrageously cool to quote every line from the most recent "guy movie" to impress everyone with their witty humor.

New "New Word" (to me): Sloan Ranger
A term used to describe young rich, upper/ middle class girls. They usually go to private school, enjoy playing/watching polo, sailing, and rugby (we are talking Europe now). The girls enjoy shopping in London and hang around King's Road, Notting Hill and High Street Kensington. (pictured beside definition: Kate Middleton) Not only is this a commonly used term in Europe, there was even a handbook written about this level of society back in the 80s. So if there were ever to be a question of how to become a Sloan Ranger... its all put down in pen on paper.

Now this said group of socialite woman not only come with high self esteem and genuine confidence but they also bring along a laid back, classic motif of fashions. This list is just a few of these envied fashion trends:
hair with an extreme side part
loose ponytails or sloppy buns
over-sized sunglasses
skinny jeans
ballet flats
Ugg boots
bright colored Pashminas
Polo shirts
pearl earrings
classic signet rings

large handbags

Hold on... when did we stop describing London's elite and start describe the fashion of every typical South female in her 20s? Are these not the essentials crowding every closet of any girl my age? When did the line between an Heiress, Southern Belle and Gossip Girl become so thin?

The irony of it all is that there is actually a modern and improved handbook on the art of being a prep (for those of us who do not have the luxury of living in the loftiness of London)... True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World by Lisa Birnbach. The book teaches the importance of tradition and how to maintain a classic preppy life.

I somehow feel like like to think I've taken a small step up in my social status (which is very untrue) by reading into this new word, "sloane ranger." In some ways I'd say I just might be a "Sloane in Training."

With Fashion and Grace

I'll Take the Younger Hotter One

Yes... I did indeed wake up at 4am this morning... And after a split second battle between the Royal wedding and sleep... Needless to say SLEEP WON!!
Don't you worry though, I have to wake up at 5:45 for work so I luckily still got to see the walk down the aisle and the vows.

When I finally got around to walking in to work today I found all of the teachers on my hallway huddled in the same classroom watching William and Kate exiting Westminster Abbey. As I snuck into the room everyone turned my way and shouted, "were you pleased with the dress or what?"

YES!!! I am beyond smitten with Kate's breathtaking design from the house of Alexander McQueen! Even though I have to admit that I would gladly wear the sexy number that Pippa has on at my own wedding!

Now this morning my focus was quickly moved from this captivating dress to the Hottie at William's side. I'd just like to let Prince Harry know that I am single and ready to mingle! Not only is he the younger and much better looking prince, but Princess Diana even said that she saw Harry becoming king before William. Jackpot!!!

So today my daydreams will be momentarily overcome with the hottie by the prince's side.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee or Tiaras?

Royal Tiaras forKate: Vote!

Let the countdown begin...

Earlier this week I was sucked into the mockery of anyone that was willingly going to wake up at the crack of dawn (or even skip work...yes, I know several people who are) to watch the long awaited Royal Wedding of William and Kate. Of course I know that this is the biggest national celebration since the wedding of the beloved Princess Diana and Prince Charles... even said to be largest social affair of this past decade. But, people, I love my sleep!

After watching hours upon hours of the preparation for this majestic event and listening to the little girl I tutor talk about her "Royal Wedding Party"... I've been sucked in!!

*sidebar: yep, you heard me right... Royal Wedding Party. There is a huge groups of little girls, from the school that I teach at, getting together tomorrow morning at 4am to have a breakfast fit for a Queen as they watch this historical event with tiaras on head and orange juice in hand. (I'm quite jealous)

My Friday morning routine will be abruptly altered tomorrow as I excitedly stubborning wake up at 4am... coffee in hand and hair on top of my head to await this social soiree feeling like a giddy little girl in the hours before her birthday, impatiently waiting to show off my new party dress.

Speaking of dress... that is the one thing that is keeping me on the edge of my seat when it comes to this epic event. Fashionista and designer at heart, I cannot contain my excitement to see what breath-taking gown the soon-to-be princess has chosen to wear in this momentous moment in which her fairytale transforms into reality.

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding before the sun rises with all the crazed romantics or will you forgo the initial moments for a few precious hours of sleep... and catch it later on the Today Show?

With Visions of Tiaras and Coffee Beans

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Attention. Attention.
It was quickly brought to my attention this morning that there are only 12 school days left until the EOGs (my heart just quivered and then plummeted to pits of my stomach)
AND only 31 work days until "SCHOOLS. OUT. FOR. SUMMER."

Yes, I did indeed, just reference the Alice Cooper 1970's hit (thank you, Guitar Hero)... What a genius song!! Alice Cooper, said that the song is about the greatest three minutes of your life... "that there's two times during the year. One is Christmas morning, when you're just getting ready to open the presents. The greed factor is right there. The next one is the last three minutes of the last day of school when you're sitting there and it's like a slow fuse burning. I said, 'If we can catch that three minutes in a song, it's going to be so big."

Needless to say, I'm counting down the weeks. days. hours. minutes. until I can finally have a break from this hectic routine of obnoxiously early mornings, jam-packed, stress-filled days with hours of paperwork and planning. It might not seem like much, but 2 months of freedom semi-freedom is much needed. (note: I will still be working... because I would go utterly insane from boredom if I didn't have something to preoccupy me from 8-4 everyday. I mean, there's only so many hours to lay out by the pool)

With the end of the school year oh so close, I catch myself in a constant state of daydreaming... I swiftly drift off to days where I will be soaking up some rays by the pool with a Skinny Girl Margarita in hand, dancing with the best at summer concerts, road tripping to Charleston, Pittsburgh, Vegas and beyond, or taking an afternoon boat ride across the lake. (tubing to be reluctantly considered after "near death experiences" last summer... thank you High Rock Rowdies)

Daydreaming put aside... I can only start to think in the best way that my brain functions... "list making." I am a pro when it comes to making list: grocery lists, to do lists, "not" to do lists, bucket lists, packing lists, (I actually admitted to having a packing list saved in a word document on my laptop last week... oops.) You name it, and I can make a lists for it.
Today I started a list of "things to purchase before summer arrives."
These are just a few items that have made the list:
1. Essie "haute as hello"- racy, scorching coral

Main image - Green Bean Stamped
2. Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts- Green Bean Stamped

Josie Tunic Medium
3. Lilly Pulitzer Josie Tunic

Kenya Stripe Women's Wedges
4. TOMS wedges

List to be continued...

What's on your 2011 Summer Must Haves List?? Comment on the blog and share... maybe I can add some of your must haves to my own list!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Ticks You Off?

What ticks me off?
10 Recent Pet Peeves:

1. "Over abundance of remotes"
Story time: Over the Easter holiday, at my parent's house, I was attempting to have a peaceful afternoon and watch a movie (How Do You Know... not recommending... very unbelievably slow and not the best ending.) Yes, this might sound like a very uncomplicated task, but don't be fooled. Not only did it take me 10 minutes to figure out which of the 6 remotes (not exaggerating) turned on the TV, but once I finally got the TV turned on... it took another 20 minutes to determine which remote actually turned on the DVD player. Don't celebrate too soon... I then ended up having to yell for dad to get the volume to come on... who knew that there were 10 different speaker options. "Where is your touch screen TV remote that combines all of your other remotes into one?" You may ask. Welp... It's definitely collecting dust and has been used once since I've lived in my apartment... FAIL!

2.  "Bad grammar "
(note: I do not mean bad spelling because I am a self proclaimed awful speller... thank you Mr. Inventor of Spell Check.) I'm talking about college graduates that cannot form a sentence on paper or in conversation without sounding empty-headed. I never overly noticed good/bad grammar until I started teaching. I'll admit that it used to be a pet peeve of mine when people would openly correct my grammar mid-conversation. But, yes, I've ironically been sucked into the world of the grammar critic. So I apologize ahead of time if I at any point openly correct your grammar... feel free to call me out.

3. "Black socks with shorts"
(I hope my brother is reading this because he is the #1 suspect of this heinous fashion crime. The only thing worse is socks with sandals... unless you are retired and living in Florida... then I will put aside my opinions for your fashion fopas.)

4. "Haughtiness at Harris Teeter"
Rude people in the grocery store really get me upset and in a tizzy Today I was glared at by a woman because, heaven forbid, I take a few seconds to choose what kind of chips I want and then to top it all off the guy behind me in line bumped me with his cart... on purpose and without regret... because I obviously wasn't moving up to the register fast enough for him. Come on people... I know you're hungry but give a girl a break!

5. "Downtown Pomposity"
Pompous, big shot bankers who think they can walk across a busy road downtown when the red hand is obviously well lit in front of them and I am seconds from running them down. Sometimes I like to speed up just to see if they'll run... And of course they don't because that would ruin their recently polished Hugo Boss Loafers.

6. "Public Transportation"
City buses. Enough said. They continue to make me 10 minutes later to work every morning and "NO, I will not wake up 10 minutes earlier just to avoid you... you will not get that satisfaction!"

7. "Coffee Spillage"
Coffee spilling out of the little hole in the top of the cup when I'm driving.
If you haven't seen the "pluggers" as I like to call them (supposedly called a splash stick?). You must look for them next time you're at Starbucks! Bless the soul of whatever genius invented my new best friend. It's such a feat to be able to carry my coffee to the car... unlock the door and get in... put my drink in the cup holder while starting the car... make it to work, out of the car and into my classroom... all without spilling one single drop of coffee. The simple things in life make me oh so happy.

8. "Dirt in the Kitch"
That's right... a dirty kitchen makes me cringe.  My apartment might be a wreck (which as previously posted, never happens because I am the Queen of "hiding") but my kitchen is SPOTLESS!! Counters clean. Everything facing the right direction (just a tad bit OCD) Cook books all stacked by size. No clutter what-so-ever. Oh and don't worry... I like to clean other people's kitchens... whether asked to or not... so be forewarned.

9. "Starbucks Snobbery"
Some mornings are just the type of mornings when I wake up and know that I'm not going to get through 7 hours of teaching plus tutoring and meetings so I decide to treat myself to one of the finer things in life... Starbucks.

Today (being one of those mornings) I realized a very big huge peeve of mine:
People who have outrageously complicated coffee orders.

Sometimes I have to agree with Joe Fox (You've got Mail): "The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don't know what the hell they're doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino."

This morning, the woman in front of me in line beat all levels of haughtiness when she sauntered into the building and requested "my usual grande with soy today..." If you're waiting for the "please"... keep on waiting. I mean, seriously, this innocent barista has at least 25 other people who walk in every morning (before 7am) and ask for their "usual." Please save this is poor girl from having to remember yet another order because you're too lazy to say 5 words.
On top of being lazy... said woman had to pick a drink that take 15 minutes to fix (mine taking 2) and now I'm going to be late for work.

*note: by late I mean that I'm not going to get a prime parking spot behind the top building... a deal breaker of a good day for me. I'd compare this necessity to that of getting a senior spot in the parking lot in high school. There are only 10 spots and they are gone before 7AM so you have to wake up extra early to get one of those plots of gold..... even if you're going to sit in your car for 15 minutes facebooking instead of actually going into work.

10. "Gas Prices"
Need I say more. When is the price of gas going to get back to normal? That is if you can even remember what normal is. This weekend (after filling up my gas tank... curse) I was ranting and raving about the outrageous price of gas and I caught myself saying... "If only they could get the price back down to $3.00... Hold On... the price of gas should be around 2 dollars!"
Gas prices need to drop... now yesterday.

Please comment and share "What Ticks You Off?" because I know every one of you has a special pet peeve of your own!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blast from the Past

This past weekend, while at dinner with amazing friends, conversation was beyond eccentric with topics ranging from setting up single guys with girls from the Philippines (yes, this truly happens) to recapping the antics amusing events that surrounded the recent wedding of one of my best friends (bride and groom successfully back from their unbelievable honeymoon and obviously in dire need of VH1's Behind the Scenes of their lovely wedding day from the wedding party.)

Gracing this dinner conversation with its presence was a blast from the past.
One word.... XANGA!

For some of you, this word might not ring a bell. I too did not jump out of my seat when the word was brought into the flow of dinner conversation but when this word began to settle in my wandering mind, it was quickly brought back to life.

*insert me with a very bright red face out of laughter and slight total embarrassment of what might come next....

For those of you who are still lost on this topic or need a quick refresher of your past life as a naive teen... thank you Urban Dictionary for the epitome of definitions for this word...
1. A weblog community
2. A journal for people to
a.)Bitch about their life
b.)Post literature (poetry, etc.)
c.)Brag about their rich social life (usually made up events to seem ungodly popular)
d.)Chronicle their day
e.)Just to have one- because all their friends are doing it!
f.)To piss people off

I'm sure there are many of you laughing hysterically at this very moment because you all of a sudden remember this "pre- myspace/facebook" realm of the cyber world. Well, to add to the comedy of this situation in which we were all reminiscing about this iconic, time consuming tid bit of our past, it was abruptly brought to my attention that not only does Xanga still exist... but MY XANGA still exist.

Of course, the minute that I hear this news, thoughts are hastily rushing through my mind of what ludicrous things I could have written in the past... welp... don't worry because we now live in a day and age when people can whip up something on the Internet, at the dinner table, before the appetizers have even arrived.

So, for pure entertainment and irony here is one precious Xanga entry from my past... that I'm sure at one point in time, was life altering in the meager life of a small town girl.

April 20, 2005 (6 years ago this week... oh how ironic)

"WHERE TO START?... Today we had our graduation pictures (yep its only a month away) but anyways it was alot of fun and its so hard to believe that we'll be off before we know it... it seems like time has just flown by. Anyways i started my new job this week... im working in the daycare at the school... yep i get to play with 15 little two year olds and i actually get paid for it! I love little kids... they can teach you so much. One day, some day (in four years) i will be a teacher and ill get paid to spend time with precious little children... i can't wait."

Oh how very naive I was... but I can only laugh at this post from the past after a day like today, where I spent 7 hours sitting in a classroom with 21 rambunctiously dramatic 5th graders (said precious little children... I think not) and still managed to love where I was.

Now that I've successfully sat here for what seems like forever and read all of the past out-pour of my daily life onto this surprisingly still existent website... I've drawn one conclusion.  It took many people and events in my life to get me to where I am today and (in the words of Corey Smith) "if I could do it again, you know I'd do it the same."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

From the Land of....
White dresses, Lilly Pulitzer and sweet tea
Bow ties, seersucker and chivalry
Have a family filled gorgeous Easter day!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arranged Marry Me

While watching "How I Met Your Mother" (a show that definitely graces my "Top 5 TV Shows of All Time" list... right up there with Friends) I had an epiphany... the type of epiphany that makes you laugh out loud and then slaps you in the face at the same time.
barney,Colby Smulders,himym,himym season 6 episode 4,how i met your mother,Jason Segel,Josh Radnor,Marshall,Neil Patrick Harris,Robin,Ted
Before I jump into a tyrant about being single... Which will happen in this post (so keep reading at your own risk) I have to share what exactly I love so much about this show... which, if you have not seen before you much watch it soon immediately (considering it is on basic cable roughly 6 hours a day this shouldn't be a hard thing to accomplish.)

Reasons I like love "How I Met Your Mother":
1: It follows the daily lives of THE typical group of friends...
  • The single guy who obnoxiously dotes on the very fact that he is single and thinks he can get with any girl he wants (Barney Stinson)
  • The single girl who has dated other male members of this "friend group" yet still has not settled down due to the lack of prospects at work and every other social scene... or due to just down right being picky (Robin Scherbatsky)
*side bar. I recently was told by a "guy friend" that our friendship was quote "like a robin" because I was always the girl that he waited for even though he was dating other girls. First of all... who uses a TV show to relate to their reality when talking to someone else?!? I mean, I know I've thought many time of how my life used to resemble that of Joey on Dawson's Creek or Brooke on One Tree Hill but I would never share that with someone other than my closest girlfriends who share the same daydreams. Note to said guy... I'm not your Robin!
  • The ever loved perfect dating/married couple who is so ideal because they not only provide hope that true love really does exist, but because they still seem to be "fun" and comfortable to hang out with while still being together (Lily and Marshall)
  • Then there's the heart beat of the group... The guy who brings every angle of drama and humor through the ridiculous spontaneity of the life he lives. (Ted Mosby)
2: The show is set in a local pub where said friends hang out in, on what seems like every day of the week... Cough cough... Liberty!
3: The show revolves around the conflicts that come with every angle of any relationship. Single. Talking (by the way... who uses this term any more?). Dating. Marriage.
4: Finally, I love any show that can draw me in for hours on end and make me laugh and cry in the same 30 minute episode.

Now, on to the real reason I started talking about "How I Met Your Mother" in the first place. Last night Ted went off on a rampage about how hard it is to find the right person... amen!

To quote him: "How true. Isn't that the problem in a nut shell, there's too many options. You've got Internet dating, you've got bars, even holding up your phone number on national TV."

The story continues with a foreign taxi driver who butts into the conversation to say that he never had to worry about these problems because he had an arranged marriage when he was 18 and he loves his wife more and more every day. Leading Ted to finally ask Marshall and Lily to "Arranged marry me!"

What a novel idea. Ted also once said that his picker (please don't read this wrong) is broken. As in, he cannot, for the life of him, pick the right person. Humhum...been there, done that. I thought for a moment that I might offend any guy that I've dated who might actually read this post... but then I thought again and they're all either in another relationship or married so no worries there.
It seems that over the past 9 years through high school, college and life there after, I've manage to "pick" guys that in ever way, shape, and form are completely wrong for me. Now the question is "WHY?" Well, like Ted, I've come to the conclusion that my "picker" is broken.

So I am putting this out there for all of you that have either talked about or tried to convince me that you want to set me up with someone. I'm done arguing with you. Here's your chance. Since my picker seems to be broken, if you're married to a prince charming or dating the man of your dreams then I assume you must be a good picker. I now invite you to go at it and start picking for me. "Arranged Marry Me!"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Whats In Your Bag?

Being a naturally nosey person, I immediately get sucked into the ever present article in magazines such as People called "What's In Your Bag?" Yesterday while I was indulging in a much needed pedicure, I came across Audrina Patridge's "What's in Your Bag?" and I couldn't help but be amused by the similarities of what every 20 somethings girl carries around in their beloved "go to" bag. This of course sparked my curiosity to know what "real" people carry in their secret stow away... so I thought I'd share what items are lurking in my weathered best friend Long Champ and see if you'd dare to share what's hiding away in your bag.

Planner (same style I've carried since high school and refuse to change)
Journal (to keep up with grocery lists, my infamous daily to do lists and more)
Pen (no just any ol pen... my favorite pen that I have multiples of in my apartment, at work and of course in my purse)
Orbits Sweet Mint Gum
Work Keys... with my zip drive which contains my whole teaching career life
Car Key
New Sunglasses courtesy of LOFT
Coconut Lime Hand Sanitizer
Camera (which doesn't get much use due to my new IPhone... which would be pictured but is actually taking this picture!)
Allergy Medicine (would die without... especially with the weather being so fickle)
Essie (my new favorite color Sand Tropez... thanks Emily!)
Coach Clutch (for nights out or shopping trip... gift from my amazing college roommate, Jessica)
Wallet (which will hopefully be replaced next week by a Hobo... RueLaLa boutique next week... set your reminders!)
Palmer's Coco Butter (otherwise known as "the glue stick" chap stick)
Soft Lips (every girls necessity... to provide the SPF that Palmer of course isn't going to)
Costco and Vic Card
Victoria Secret Gift Card
Red Box movies (to be watched in the next few hours minutes)
Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With... determined to fit in some reading over my holiday

Now... those of you who know me all too well know that these are just the trimmings of what is actually in my bag... the rest will have to remain secret.

So now the question is... what's in your bag??
Take a picture and share!
And hopefully find something enjoyable to fill your time on this rainy day...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remodeled "Spring Break"

"Spring Break" has finally arrived and with this glorious much wanted needed break comes a surplus of free time that is almost overwhelming considering my weekdays are usually filled with the daunting task of maintaining the drama filled world of 5th graders from 7am to 3pm.

Since it is a known fact that our precious excessive snow this winter stole all of my teacher work days and 2 dearly longed for spring break days... I have been contemplating the many things that I want to accomplish over this short yet WONDERFUL break from real life.

Things I should be accomplishing over Spring Break:
1. Workout
(Something I never have the time to do or am just too exhausted to make it up 3 flights of stair to change after work and then back down 3 flights of stairs to the gym... I mean come on... that in itself is a workout!!)
2. Clean my apartment
(note: by cleaning I do not mean "hiding" things which I've become the Queen of)
3. Go grocery shopping
(I'm determine to start cooking without a microwave... which by the way I am ALSO the Queen of)
4. Finish the last of my Emily Giffin books!!
5. House hunt
6. Summer job hunt
(when I tell someone I'm a teacher the first comment is always... "oh I bet you love having summers off." and the comment I want to give back is "OH REALLY well it's your lucky day... you can take the summer off without pay too!!")

Things I've accomplished so far over Spring Break:
1. Slept til 11 and then watched an entire marathon of One Tree Hill 
2. Managed to hide everything laying around my apartment in drawers so my parents' friends could come see my "downtown" getaway... once again I'm the Queen of "cleaning"! 
3. Ate at Mellow Mushroom (twice), Biscuit Factory (twice) and this list continues (who needs groceries when there's so much junk food?!? )
4. Gone shopping every day... the hunt for a house and summer job are now on the back burner... the hunt for new sunglasses, Long Champ and Lilly Pulitzer dress are on!
5. Got a pedicure
6. Got my hair cut... its short again!
7. Bought 5 new books... needless to say I've still not finished Love the One You're With...
8. And now I've been sucked into the world of blogging and this has now consumed my night!!

But then again... I can't complain. I've still got 3 more days of "spring break" and I'm in no rush for it to end! Sometimes its the things you don't do that make time away from work worthwhile...

So that's what I plan to do... a whole lot of "nothing" over the rest of this "spring break"