Monday, September 5, 2011

Because My Mother Said So...

Labor Day is finally here and with it comes cooler weather, football tailgates and the breaking out of my fall wardrobe. This past week I tried my best to squeeze in most every white shorts, pant, skirt and dress that I own. Labor Day always sneaks up on me and suddenly I realize that I've not made the most out of all of my white wardrobe essentials. But my mother taught me early in life that there is no breaking the "No white after Labor Day" rule. So today, along with completing lesson plans, doing loads and loads of laundry, cleaning the house and running errands on my day off, I took some time to move all of my white into the special occasion closet (yes I just admitting to having a separate closet for special occasion clothing.. don't judge.)

But this Labor Day week is already looking up, starting with free breakfast tomorrow morning! Don't miss out... ChickfilA is giving away free breakfast for Labor Day week. This week only, you can reserve your free breakfast entree at ChickfilA with the click of your mouse.
Head over to this website, select your choice ChickfilA location, and reserve your "breakfast date." I chose to have my breakfast tomorrow. I figured I'd need a pick-me-up on the first work day of the week. What are you waiting for? Get to clicking!

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