Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A True Success Story

This year's Memorial Day was spent by the pool with amazing friends resulting in hours of laughter and fabulous tan lines. Of course, I arrived at my pool with brownie covered oreos and skinny girl margarita in hand. Soon I had earned the title of "cook" from neighbors who fell victim to the scrumptiousness of these little mouthwatering pieces of chocolate. This day of relaxation in the sun was much needed after a weekend that was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. Success... yes! But sadly there are no blog worthy pictures for sharing.

Flashback: Last Friday, I attended the graduation of my family's foreign exchange student, M. He has been living with my parents for the past two years. And over that time, M, has become part of our family. That first night when he arrived at our house, not speaking a word of English, seems like ages ago. It is amazing how fast time flies by. Now, I am the one contemplating a trip to Columbia this summer where I would be forced to recall what I should have learned from 5 years of Spanish classes... no se!

After a weekend of celebrations, I made the trek to Charlotte with mom last night to take my other brother, M, to the airport. He is heading back home to Columbia, South America for the summer. It was very surreal to send him down the terminal knowing that he is traveling back to a life that could not be farther from my own. We so easily take for granted the safety and comfort that is ours without a cost. While in the US, M has managed to touch the lives of everyone he has come into contact with. He is an amazing individual with a life changing story that will make you think twice about how you are spending your life and if you are truly living it to the fullest.

This past week, an article about M was published on the front page of my hometown's newspaper. The title spoke magnitudes in itself, From Gangs to Graduation. M has lived a very rough life but those experiences have brought him to where he is today; with a story to share. He has worked harder than anyone I know to successfully graduation from high school with a 3.28 GPA and earn a full ride to college. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for him.

With contemplations of the summer trip of a lifetime.
Me and M at the airport.

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