Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remodeled "Spring Break"

"Spring Break" has finally arrived and with this glorious much wanted needed break comes a surplus of free time that is almost overwhelming considering my weekdays are usually filled with the daunting task of maintaining the drama filled world of 5th graders from 7am to 3pm.

Since it is a known fact that our precious excessive snow this winter stole all of my teacher work days and 2 dearly longed for spring break days... I have been contemplating the many things that I want to accomplish over this short yet WONDERFUL break from real life.

Things I should be accomplishing over Spring Break:
1. Workout
(Something I never have the time to do or am just too exhausted to make it up 3 flights of stair to change after work and then back down 3 flights of stairs to the gym... I mean come on... that in itself is a workout!!)
2. Clean my apartment
(note: by cleaning I do not mean "hiding" things which I've become the Queen of)
3. Go grocery shopping
(I'm determine to start cooking without a microwave... which by the way I am ALSO the Queen of)
4. Finish the last of my Emily Giffin books!!
5. House hunt
6. Summer job hunt
(when I tell someone I'm a teacher the first comment is always... "oh I bet you love having summers off." and the comment I want to give back is "OH REALLY well it's your lucky day... you can take the summer off without pay too!!")

Things I've accomplished so far over Spring Break:
1. Slept til 11 and then watched an entire marathon of One Tree Hill 
2. Managed to hide everything laying around my apartment in drawers so my parents' friends could come see my "downtown" getaway... once again I'm the Queen of "cleaning"! 
3. Ate at Mellow Mushroom (twice), Biscuit Factory (twice) and this list continues (who needs groceries when there's so much junk food?!? )
4. Gone shopping every day... the hunt for a house and summer job are now on the back burner... the hunt for new sunglasses, Long Champ and Lilly Pulitzer dress are on!
5. Got a pedicure
6. Got my hair cut... its short again!
7. Bought 5 new books... needless to say I've still not finished Love the One You're With...
8. And now I've been sucked into the world of blogging and this has now consumed my night!!

But then again... I can't complain. I've still got 3 more days of "spring break" and I'm in no rush for it to end! Sometimes its the things you don't do that make time away from work worthwhile...

So that's what I plan to do... a whole lot of "nothing" over the rest of this "spring break"

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