Friday, April 22, 2011

Whats In Your Bag?

Being a naturally nosey person, I immediately get sucked into the ever present article in magazines such as People called "What's In Your Bag?" Yesterday while I was indulging in a much needed pedicure, I came across Audrina Patridge's "What's in Your Bag?" and I couldn't help but be amused by the similarities of what every 20 somethings girl carries around in their beloved "go to" bag. This of course sparked my curiosity to know what "real" people carry in their secret stow away... so I thought I'd share what items are lurking in my weathered best friend Long Champ and see if you'd dare to share what's hiding away in your bag.

Planner (same style I've carried since high school and refuse to change)
Journal (to keep up with grocery lists, my infamous daily to do lists and more)
Pen (no just any ol pen... my favorite pen that I have multiples of in my apartment, at work and of course in my purse)
Orbits Sweet Mint Gum
Work Keys... with my zip drive which contains my whole teaching career life
Car Key
New Sunglasses courtesy of LOFT
Coconut Lime Hand Sanitizer
Camera (which doesn't get much use due to my new IPhone... which would be pictured but is actually taking this picture!)
Allergy Medicine (would die without... especially with the weather being so fickle)
Essie (my new favorite color Sand Tropez... thanks Emily!)
Coach Clutch (for nights out or shopping trip... gift from my amazing college roommate, Jessica)
Wallet (which will hopefully be replaced next week by a Hobo... RueLaLa boutique next week... set your reminders!)
Palmer's Coco Butter (otherwise known as "the glue stick" chap stick)
Soft Lips (every girls necessity... to provide the SPF that Palmer of course isn't going to)
Costco and Vic Card
Victoria Secret Gift Card
Red Box movies (to be watched in the next few hours minutes)
Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With... determined to fit in some reading over my holiday

Now... those of you who know me all too well know that these are just the trimmings of what is actually in my bag... the rest will have to remain secret.

So now the question is... what's in your bag??
Take a picture and share!
And hopefully find something enjoyable to fill your time on this rainy day...

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