Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arranged Marry Me

While watching "How I Met Your Mother" (a show that definitely graces my "Top 5 TV Shows of All Time" list... right up there with Friends) I had an epiphany... the type of epiphany that makes you laugh out loud and then slaps you in the face at the same time.
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Before I jump into a tyrant about being single... Which will happen in this post (so keep reading at your own risk) I have to share what exactly I love so much about this show... which, if you have not seen before you much watch it soon immediately (considering it is on basic cable roughly 6 hours a day this shouldn't be a hard thing to accomplish.)

Reasons I like love "How I Met Your Mother":
1: It follows the daily lives of THE typical group of friends...
  • The single guy who obnoxiously dotes on the very fact that he is single and thinks he can get with any girl he wants (Barney Stinson)
  • The single girl who has dated other male members of this "friend group" yet still has not settled down due to the lack of prospects at work and every other social scene... or due to just down right being picky (Robin Scherbatsky)
*side bar. I recently was told by a "guy friend" that our friendship was quote "like a robin" because I was always the girl that he waited for even though he was dating other girls. First of all... who uses a TV show to relate to their reality when talking to someone else?!? I mean, I know I've thought many time of how my life used to resemble that of Joey on Dawson's Creek or Brooke on One Tree Hill but I would never share that with someone other than my closest girlfriends who share the same daydreams. Note to said guy... I'm not your Robin!
  • The ever loved perfect dating/married couple who is so ideal because they not only provide hope that true love really does exist, but because they still seem to be "fun" and comfortable to hang out with while still being together (Lily and Marshall)
  • Then there's the heart beat of the group... The guy who brings every angle of drama and humor through the ridiculous spontaneity of the life he lives. (Ted Mosby)
2: The show is set in a local pub where said friends hang out in, on what seems like every day of the week... Cough cough... Liberty!
3: The show revolves around the conflicts that come with every angle of any relationship. Single. Talking (by the way... who uses this term any more?). Dating. Marriage.
4: Finally, I love any show that can draw me in for hours on end and make me laugh and cry in the same 30 minute episode.

Now, on to the real reason I started talking about "How I Met Your Mother" in the first place. Last night Ted went off on a rampage about how hard it is to find the right person... amen!

To quote him: "How true. Isn't that the problem in a nut shell, there's too many options. You've got Internet dating, you've got bars, even holding up your phone number on national TV."

The story continues with a foreign taxi driver who butts into the conversation to say that he never had to worry about these problems because he had an arranged marriage when he was 18 and he loves his wife more and more every day. Leading Ted to finally ask Marshall and Lily to "Arranged marry me!"

What a novel idea. Ted also once said that his picker (please don't read this wrong) is broken. As in, he cannot, for the life of him, pick the right person. Humhum...been there, done that. I thought for a moment that I might offend any guy that I've dated who might actually read this post... but then I thought again and they're all either in another relationship or married so no worries there.
It seems that over the past 9 years through high school, college and life there after, I've manage to "pick" guys that in ever way, shape, and form are completely wrong for me. Now the question is "WHY?" Well, like Ted, I've come to the conclusion that my "picker" is broken.

So I am putting this out there for all of you that have either talked about or tried to convince me that you want to set me up with someone. I'm done arguing with you. Here's your chance. Since my picker seems to be broken, if you're married to a prince charming or dating the man of your dreams then I assume you must be a good picker. I now invite you to go at it and start picking for me. "Arranged Marry Me!"


  1. Your picker isn't broken, it's just on standby!

    It's kind of like hunting for easter eggs as a kid. You get really excited to get out there and start running all over the place finding eggs. You clearly start running for the easy to spot, easy to reach, easy to get eggs. After you feel like you and all your friends have rounded up the eggs, you head back in to see what you've got. To your dismay of opening eggs, you find that most of the ones you picked are either empty or lacking, while your friends got all the ones with dollars in them!

    But then one day you're out in the backyard playing and you see and egg that you missed.. you find it when your out digging through some rocks, it wasn't right in front of your face, it was the most noticable, but it was there all along. You go and pick up this egg, you shake it and you don't hear anything... and just when you're about to throw it down, you decide to open it, and bam $20! Now you can go buy all the candy you wanted anyway, and make your friends jealous...!

    just know you're egg is out there!

  2. Just the right words... As always! And so fitting for the holiday! Many laughs and memories to share on this "hunt" for the right one! Happy Easter Matty!