Friday, April 29, 2011

Sloane Ranger

While watching absurdly unhealthy amounts of the Royal Wedding footage...which is hard not to do when it is the only thing being aired on every channel...a new word was infiltrated into my brain. Something that I have a niche for is catching new vocabulary and using such words in every conversation possible hoping that the new word will catch on like wild fire. I would put it in comparison to how all males thinks it is outrageously cool to quote every line from the most recent "guy movie" to impress everyone with their witty humor.

New "New Word" (to me): Sloan Ranger
A term used to describe young rich, upper/ middle class girls. They usually go to private school, enjoy playing/watching polo, sailing, and rugby (we are talking Europe now). The girls enjoy shopping in London and hang around King's Road, Notting Hill and High Street Kensington. (pictured beside definition: Kate Middleton) Not only is this a commonly used term in Europe, there was even a handbook written about this level of society back in the 80s. So if there were ever to be a question of how to become a Sloan Ranger... its all put down in pen on paper.

Now this said group of socialite woman not only come with high self esteem and genuine confidence but they also bring along a laid back, classic motif of fashions. This list is just a few of these envied fashion trends:
hair with an extreme side part
loose ponytails or sloppy buns
over-sized sunglasses
skinny jeans
ballet flats
Ugg boots
bright colored Pashminas
Polo shirts
pearl earrings
classic signet rings

large handbags

Hold on... when did we stop describing London's elite and start describe the fashion of every typical South female in her 20s? Are these not the essentials crowding every closet of any girl my age? When did the line between an Heiress, Southern Belle and Gossip Girl become so thin?

The irony of it all is that there is actually a modern and improved handbook on the art of being a prep (for those of us who do not have the luxury of living in the loftiness of London)... True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World by Lisa Birnbach. The book teaches the importance of tradition and how to maintain a classic preppy life.

I somehow feel like like to think I've taken a small step up in my social status (which is very untrue) by reading into this new word, "sloane ranger." In some ways I'd say I just might be a "Sloane in Training."

With Fashion and Grace

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