Monday, April 25, 2011

Blast from the Past

This past weekend, while at dinner with amazing friends, conversation was beyond eccentric with topics ranging from setting up single guys with girls from the Philippines (yes, this truly happens) to recapping the antics amusing events that surrounded the recent wedding of one of my best friends (bride and groom successfully back from their unbelievable honeymoon and obviously in dire need of VH1's Behind the Scenes of their lovely wedding day from the wedding party.)

Gracing this dinner conversation with its presence was a blast from the past.
One word.... XANGA!

For some of you, this word might not ring a bell. I too did not jump out of my seat when the word was brought into the flow of dinner conversation but when this word began to settle in my wandering mind, it was quickly brought back to life.

*insert me with a very bright red face out of laughter and slight total embarrassment of what might come next....

For those of you who are still lost on this topic or need a quick refresher of your past life as a naive teen... thank you Urban Dictionary for the epitome of definitions for this word...
1. A weblog community
2. A journal for people to
a.)Bitch about their life
b.)Post literature (poetry, etc.)
c.)Brag about their rich social life (usually made up events to seem ungodly popular)
d.)Chronicle their day
e.)Just to have one- because all their friends are doing it!
f.)To piss people off

I'm sure there are many of you laughing hysterically at this very moment because you all of a sudden remember this "pre- myspace/facebook" realm of the cyber world. Well, to add to the comedy of this situation in which we were all reminiscing about this iconic, time consuming tid bit of our past, it was abruptly brought to my attention that not only does Xanga still exist... but MY XANGA still exist.

Of course, the minute that I hear this news, thoughts are hastily rushing through my mind of what ludicrous things I could have written in the past... welp... don't worry because we now live in a day and age when people can whip up something on the Internet, at the dinner table, before the appetizers have even arrived.

So, for pure entertainment and irony here is one precious Xanga entry from my past... that I'm sure at one point in time, was life altering in the meager life of a small town girl.

April 20, 2005 (6 years ago this week... oh how ironic)

"WHERE TO START?... Today we had our graduation pictures (yep its only a month away) but anyways it was alot of fun and its so hard to believe that we'll be off before we know it... it seems like time has just flown by. Anyways i started my new job this week... im working in the daycare at the school... yep i get to play with 15 little two year olds and i actually get paid for it! I love little kids... they can teach you so much. One day, some day (in four years) i will be a teacher and ill get paid to spend time with precious little children... i can't wait."

Oh how very naive I was... but I can only laugh at this post from the past after a day like today, where I spent 7 hours sitting in a classroom with 21 rambunctiously dramatic 5th graders (said precious little children... I think not) and still managed to love where I was.

Now that I've successfully sat here for what seems like forever and read all of the past out-pour of my daily life onto this surprisingly still existent website... I've drawn one conclusion.  It took many people and events in my life to get me to where I am today and (in the words of Corey Smith) "if I could do it again, you know I'd do it the same."

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