Monday, June 6, 2011

Life on the Edge

It seems that we find every way possible to live life on the edge. We strive to find that moment that makes our heart race and breathing stop for a split second. Whether it be in love or life, we tend to put ourselves in the way of adventure and search for situations that bring drama.

We push our cars until the very last drop of gas is running through the engine. Watching the gas gauge drop with each mile that passes. Skipping gas stations that our car comes across; saying "oh, I'll stop at the next one."

We wait until the last day possible to pay that bill hanging on the fridge, just because we like the satisfaction of knowing that we almost didn't make it, but thank goodness we did.

We keep our foot off the brake as we approach a red light with hopes that the light will change to green in the very instance that we reach that very thin white line. A rush of satisfaction consumes us as we can finally let out that breath we had been holding.

We unconsciously read into "signs" each time we meet "the one"... later to find out that it was all a facade that we created in our minds. Heart broken, we miss the fact that he was never "the one" that we tried so hard to make him be.

Yes, it would be much simpler to live a life of constant security, with no risk or regrets. Hiding our hearts; hoping that they will never be broken. Never taking the risk of falling in love. But where is the fun in that. The mistakes we make lead us to the best memories.

So take a risk. Live your life. Fall in love. Make mistakes.

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