Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts

This past weekend was a much needed get-away before the "real world" hits me head on this week. It is hard to believe that the school year is almost here. I went in to work today to get most of my classroom set up so that I can avoid the migraines and knots in my stomach on Friday (our 1st teacher work day.) After suffering through hours in a classroom with no air conditioning, my classroom is finally put together (minus a few touches here or there.)

Here are a few quick pictures of my classroom for those of you who don't follow my teacher blog:
Door without the lily pads with students' names on them.

Now back to this past weekend... On Friday, mom and I went to get long overdue manicures. Not only was this a treat because I needed some relaxation, but I officially found my new favorite polish color. Usually I stick with Esse polishes because of their vibrant colors and they stay on forever. But on this trip, I planned to switch it up and try out OPI's Bubble Bath. I'd seen the color on several of my friends and even saw it mentioned in a few blogs that I follow. Needless to say, I stumble upon a color that I ended up loving even more than Bubble Bath and its name is so fitting....... Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.!!!

Mimosas for Mr and Mrs
Later Friday night, I went to have dinner and drinks with some amazing friends where I spontaneously decided to join said friends at the Panthers game the next night. What's better than a weekend of friends, football and tailgating? Exactly... nothing.

We road tripped to Charlotte Saturday morning and the festivities began. Despite the horribly hot and humid weather, we managed to trek a few miles to the tailgate. Needless to say jerseys might not be the best thing to wear in 90 degree humidity. No sooner had we stopped complaining about the heat that it started pouring rain. Rain and tailgating don't quite mix... unless you find the brilliant iPhone app iDeck!!

Who needs corn hole when everyone can play F* the Dealer with your phone. Let the tailgating continue! All in all the game was great... a little wet but well worth it. And I finally went to a game that the Panthers won... maybe my bad luck streak is over (crossing my fingers.)


  1. Cute, I love the frog theme!

  2. Thanks @Mal! I kept my same theme from last year. The kids love the frogs!