Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Current Food:
 Soy Creamy Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
(complements of Trader Joe's)

Current Drink:
 Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

Current Color:
Sand Tropaz- Essie
(yes... I know it's time for a change but I love it!)

Current Pandoras:
Gin Blossoms
Katy Perry
Justin Bieber (guilty) 

Current iPod play list:
Adele- Someone Like You
He Is We- Happily Ever After
The Band Perry- If I Die Young
Boyce Avenue- Teenage Dream

Current Website Obsession:
Click the link above for a personal invite to this exclusive, invite only destination where you can shop private sales of designer brands at 50-70% off! Don't miss out... sales change daily!

Current book:
 (still attempting to finish it... but there's no time)

Current TV Shows:
Monday- How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday- One Tree Hill
Thursday- Grey's Anatomy

Current Need:
Someone to force me to go to the gym (down 2 flights of stairs!)
Oh and more hours in a day... unless summer break could get here sooner.

Current Search:
Summer Job

Current Success:
Finally started house hunting... and already sick and tired of the process. Hopefully once I start to decide what I'm actually looking for this search will be a complete success!

Current Celebrity Crush:
Ryan Reynolds
Gah... this might be beyond a crush. I'm in love.

Current Resolutions:
Stop eating dairy and start doing yoga again.

Current Mood:
Exhausted but Motivated

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