Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IDed at 23!

Sorry for the delay on the movie review. This past weekend I did something that I never seem to have the time to do... went to see a movie in the theater. And not just one movie... but I went and saw two movies in one day. I know... big time! Now this might not seem like a major feat but if you were me, then going to a movie can involve immensely embarrassing moments... if you know me well then this shouldn't surprise you considering unlucky circumstancing tend to follow me everywhere I go.

I first went to see "Something Borrow" with my mom. My record when it comes to seeing movies with my mother is not so great considering every movie I end up taking her to has either a 20 minute sex scenes... obscenities every 2 seconds... or its a downright dud. But I can say without a doubt that this movie viewing was a success. I know. I know. You're waiting for the review but first I have to let you know what happened when I went for my second theater trip.

Later that night I went to see Fast Five with a group of friends. Needless to say I didn't pick the movie and could really have cared less what movie I was going to see. Well I arrived at the theater after the first of my friends and before two others. When I walked up to order my ticket, the ticket girl (who had to have been barely 16) asked to see my ID before I could purchase my ticket. You'd think this would surprise me, but it seems that I get IDed everywhere I go so I willingly handed over my license without questions.

After successfully finally getting my ticket I made it through the theater doors and into what seemed like an absurdly long line to get my ticket torn in half so I could finally make it to my flick. After standing there for what seemed like forever, I was pulled out of line by one of the managers (you know the guys in the nice suits that for some reason are always lurking around the theater.) I thought to myself, "well how nice... I finally get some respect around here and he's going to let me cut in front of all of these high schoolers."

OH WAS I WRONG! He proceeded to ID me AGAIN (yes this was the second time that I was IDed before I even made it past the red ropes.) I'm sure you already know that I was peeved beyond understanding because I now had to dig into my wallet to find my license once again when I had just put it up. What is this a night club?!?

The highlight of this story is not the fact that I seem to look like a 15 year old, it is the fact that when I got into the theater, my friends got a great laugh when they pointed out to me that this was in fact a PG13 movie!! Do I seriously look that young? And please do not answer this question!

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Sorry for the rant. Now on to the long awaited movie review:

Something Borrow: Perfect Girls Night Out Movie. Definitely lived up to my expectations and surprisingly didn't fall far from the fabulousness of the book. Not only was there a stunningly handsome, "young Tom Cruise" look alike lead male, Collin Egglesfield; but there was a genuinely perfect man of my dreams boy next door played by John Krasinski (who I wish had an identical twin... looks and personality... so that I could date/marry/have his babies.) I am by far an Ethan fan (the role that Krasinski plays) or you could say I'm head over heels in love with him. But I do have to admit to having a shallow lust for Dex (Egglesfield.) If you haven't read Emily Giffin's book series then you are sure to be in for a socking twist of events throughout the entire movie. For those of you who have read the books, don't worry, you will not be let down. I was still on the edge of my seat laughing hysterically and tearing up once or twice even though I knew what was coming.

The one thing that preoccupied my mind throughout the entire movie was my restlessness for the sequel Something Blue to rush into theaters as soon as possible.  Something Blue was by far my favorite book of the two, not only because Ethan (my pick) is the lead male role in the sequel, but it is also set in London. The rumor mill is already starting and there is sure talk about the sequel happening in the very near future. Some sources even say that filming has already begun. All I have to say is that I'm going to be impatiently waiting for the previews to pop up! And for those of you who have jumped on the Emily Giffin bandwagon after seeing the movie... you need to hurry up and finish Something Blue before it sneaks onto the screen.

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