Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Kiss Better Than I Cook

Note to self: I am not meant to cook.
Some people might say that they could use a few cooking classes... well I would say that I need a few cooking safety classes. I don't know what it is but I am destined to cause disaster when it comes to cooking. Don't get me wrong; I can cook some amazing things. But I might cause a fire (been there done that countless times) or break multiple dishes in the process of creating a scrumptious meal.

My family loves to tell all of our dinner guest the infamous story of my bonfire on the kitchen stove. It's not my fault that no one told me that the back burner had just been cut off. I was merely trying to straighten up the kitchen and happen to set a huge (understatement) stack of papers on the stove. I'm sure you can see what's coming next... yep... about 5 minutes later the smoke alarm is going off and there is a massive (once again understatement) fire blazing on the stove. I will never live this down.

Tonight was another one of those nights that I was reminded that I should not be unaccompanied in a kitchen when using anything other than the microwave. I was innocently trying to prepare a nice meal of tilapia. After taking the fish out of the oven I once again forgot which burner I had previously been cooking on and mistakenly sat my glass cooking dish (a Christmas present none the least) on top of the hot burner.

It took a few minutes for me to realize that this glass dish should not still be smoking after I removed the fish. That would be the moment when I realized my mistake. And the story does not end there... it just gets worse. I proceed... in a moment of stupidity... to put water on the hot dish to cool it off. You of course know that this would cause MORE smoke because you of course are not stupid.

Oh... I'm still not done. I then sat the GLASS dish back on the stove and it suddenly shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Now I was left with a smoke filled apartment, glass all over my kitchen and no one to help me clean up.

But at least I can solace my anger and embarrassment with another dose of Ginnifer Goodwin (thank you HBO for having a decent movie on for once) and thanks to Bethenny Frankel I can calm my nerves with a nice Skinnygirl margarita (want the recipe then check out this post.)

Lesson learned: Find a boyfriend who loves to cook and I can just wash the dishes!

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