Monday, May 16, 2011

The One in Charlotte

I've always loved how the Friends episodes have such simplistic titles all beginning with "the one..." Well this weekend was far from an afternoon at Central Perk, but it was definitely filled with friends.

Even though I ended up having to rough it out in the rain at graduation... I almost made it through the whole thing without complaining. My only complaints came when I saw at least 4 other girls/women wearing my same dress. Usually this wouldn't  frustrate me except for the fact that one of those women was at least 30 years my older. Does this mean I am dressing too old or was this woman dressing much too young? Maybe I should go back to frequenting Forever21 on a weekly basis!

But beyond this fashion crisis, I was so proud to see my little sister in sorority walk across that stage, with diploma in hand. Time seems to have flown by but every day makes me appreciate these friendships more and more.

This was not the only moment of the weekend that I was beyond excited for my little. The night after graduation I was catching up with another sorority sister over much needed drinks and in this conversation I mentioned how I thought my little would definitely be the next to get engaged (speaking of engaged... I just counted 5 people I know closely that have gotten engaged in the past 2 weeks. It must be spring fever.)

Seconds after I discussed this with said sorority sister, we got a text letting us know that our friends had arrived downstairs. When we walked up to the group, my little held out her hand and there was a glistening diamond perched on her left ring finger. I couldn't contain my excitement and the irony of the conversation that I had happened moments earlier. I am so proud of this stunningly fabulous lady. Congrats M!

What a great surprise to top off an amazing weekend!

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