Saturday, May 7, 2011

Temporary Lasp in Living in a 20something's World

Today I realized that I am slowing becoming an adult...something that I'm not looking forward to and slowly being the keyword here. This revelation came due to the following events:

So far this weekend I have managed to trade my late Friday nights out on the town for an early Saturday morning at a Fun Day Carnival at the elementary school I teach at.

I traded my shenanigans on the dance floor for a embarrassing dance competition against students... which of course included me dancing to the Cupid Shuffle, the Carlton, Thriller and Backstreet Boys "Bye bye bye." Needless to say the teachers won (I mean with my natch for dancing at weddings how could we not win! And I'm positive that I successfully proved that I'm a more than cool teacher.)
*sidebar: I noticed half way through this outburst of ridiculously classy sloppy flash mobbing that several of my student were holding their cell phones up in my direction... Yep! I was caught and will no doubt me on YouTube before the day is done. My question is... Why in the world do elementary school students have their own cell phones? I didn't get a cellphone until I had my driving permit (at 15)!?! What is the appropriate age to give a child a cell phone now a days anyway?

After being a Dancing Queen I cooled off with a nice mixed drink... Only joking of course because today I traded my margarita for a snow cone. And to top it all off... instead of being hit on by hot guys, I was now being dragged into endless conversations with the soccer mom parents of my students. Conversations that indeed did not include a date invitation but instead were full of "I know someone that I could definitely set you up with" invitations.

But don't you worry. My Johnny Depp fantasies were brought to an epic high today when I attempted to go down the Pirates of the Caribbean blow up slide.  *Insert me screaming like a little girl.
This picture does the slide no justice.
Now for those of you who are cringing in horror at my lapse in living in a 20something's world... Don't you worry, next weekend I will take the journey back to my alma mater and hopefully redeem this temporary lapse in my social life.

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