Thursday, May 5, 2011

Salt. Tequila. Lime.

I spent the morning reminiscing of Cinco de Mayos of my past with a fellow teacher. Our flash backs started to run together and soon I wasn't sure if we had actually been at the same Mexican restaurant sharing a pitcher or what! Of course the story went a little like this:

College... margaritas... dancing... mariachi band... bad decisions... all in all a great time 

After about 5 minutes of story telling it quickly dawned on me that everyone (no matter who you are, where you're from or how old you are... that could be debated) celebrates Cinco de Mayo in the same fashion. Pretty amusing when you think about it... especially when I was comparing margarita memories with someone who was at least 20 years my older and we still had the same recollections of this fabulous holiday.

This year I was determined to celebrate Cinco de Mayo even though I had a little inkling that I might be on the verge of being too old... and the fact that I have to teach in the morning. Needless to say, my love of margaritas won over common sense.

Cinco de Mayo 2011 was definitely filled with more than interesting moments...

6:30pm- sitting in a Mexican Restraunt, waiting for a table, I look out the window and start to laugh out loud at these two little kids who are wearing sombreos and mustaches while dancing on the sidewalk
6:32pm- I suddenly realize that one of these kids is actually one of my darling students
6:33pm- I burst into laughter (which of course draws attention) because I am now trying to figure out how to avoid said student
6:35pm- said student (against my wishes) walks into the same Mexican restraunt
6:36pm- student recognizes me (and is equally shocked) and shouts out "Ms. Mashburn!! What can I say... we go all out on holidays!" *did I mention that this is the loudest student in my class*
6:37pm- insert utter embarrassment
6:30-9:30pm- Let the celebrating begin... the night was filled with laughter and loads of catching up along with discussion of a future Vegas trip with amazing friends over delicious margaritas (one of which was free... success!)
10:00pm- realize that there is going to be a jalapeno eating contest in the middle of the restaurant
10:00-10:15- watch crazy insane people eat jalapenos while subsequently fighting the urge to vomit
10:15- 4'11" girl wins this preposterous contest by eating 32 jalapenos... without vomitting

I had to have proof... this was unbelievable!

All in all... another successful Cinco de Mayo.
I hope your 5th of May was filled with friends, laughter and of course a lot of tequila.

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