Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marrying the Bartender

Saturday night was a great way to end my mini vaca in Charlotte. A night out downtown with amazing friends. What could be better than that? Rain or shine... we were sure to have a good time.

The night was filled with constant laughter, catching up with old friends, and of course a little time on the df (dance floor.) To top the night off, there happened to be a gorgeous bartender who not only became my main topic of conversation, but also was the cause of my incessant shenanigans.

The highlight was not his unbelievably good looks or his flirtatious smile. But when I ordered a Skinnygirl Margarita he got a huge grin and informed me that they had just got a new recipe... oh and it doesn't stop there... he proceeded to print off the recipe and ask for my approval (too good to be true.) Needless to say, I more than approved and proceeded to convince others that they must try this little sip of heaven.

Maybe this drink is going to bring me more than just an anecdote to a stressful day at work... maybe it will bring me a husband.

A girl's got to dream!

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