Monday, May 23, 2011

Have you visited Elsewhere?

I might have a new newly realized obsession. Lately I've grown to love the feeling of buying books... even books that I know I will never read. Just the act of owning them, makes me so happy. If you had told me a year ago that I would rather buy a book than a new dress, I'd probably laugh in your face and then go on a Lilly spree. But today, things have changed.

I am counting down the days until my summer vaca begins so that I can indulge my nerdy side every day by the pool. My "summer books to read" list is growing by the minute and it seems that every store I step foot in has a literary treasure lurking on the shelves.

I've contemplated buying a Kendle or Nook to suffice my reading hobby but it's just not the same. There is something about owning books and attempting to fill the gaps in my bookshelf. So this purchase has been put on the backburner for the time being... until I overcome this need to physically turn the pages of a novel (instead of tap a screen.)

My obsession with filling my bookshelf is encouraged every day as I drive by this great store front downtown on my way home. I've forever thought that it was a thrift shop but found out a few weekends ago that it is actually a living museum.
Elsewhere is a non-profit organization that provides a space for local artist and creative minds to come together in a very unconventional way. The store front is the remnants of an old furniture company/army surplus store of the 30s that became a thrift shop in the 70s. When the owner died, her grandson became the owner of this now cramped and cluttered space. He and his friends took this pile of junk and saw it a masterpiece. They did not remove a things but instead allowed artist to come into the space and arrange all of the nick knacks into masterpieces.

I highly recommend that you stop by and soak in the amusing history that lies within these walls. It was great to see toys and trinkets from my childhood sitting right beside my parents' childhood nick knacks. Name it, and it is somewhere on the walls. Trolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Glo Worm, Battleship, Puffalump (gah I loved my Puffalump), Rubik's Cubes, Mr. Potatohead, Barbie, GI Joe, Little People, Lite Brite, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Polly Pocket, Operation... and this list never ends.
Not only was I in awe of all the memories that these toys stirred up; my jaw dropped when I saw the color coded, floor to ceiling book shelves. I envy this masterpiece and want so badly to recreate it one day!

With outlooks of sunny weather and page turning by the pool,
Mimosas on Monday

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