Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Skinny What!?

As most of you know... and hopefully you've figured out from reading my blog... I have a weak spot for tequila. Not just any tequila now. I've learned the hard way to never declare yourself a "insert specific alcohol girl." The first thing people tend to do when you declare your loyalty to one specific alcohol is buy you shots so please be forewarned.

In college I would never have touched tequila unless it was masked with gallons of margarita mix at good ol El V's. But who can base their taste for drinks on what you drank in college. Wasn't it a known fact that anything could be a chaser in college. Orange juice, cranberry juice, Gatorade... you name it. I'm actually getting a little queasy thinking of the concoctions that we some how managed to create.

But now that I've become one of those... what do they call them... adults that only sip on a drink after a hard day at work or accompany a dinner out with friends with a nice wine. I've grown a little picky in the alcohol department. My motto now would be "the lighter the better." If I'm going to have a drink then I don't want to feel like I've gained 15 pounds and can't stand to eat another bite of dinner... because heaven known I like my food. So thank goodness for this new world of "Skinny" drinks.

Bethenny Frankel introduced us all to Skinnygirl Margaritas and now Skinnygirl Sangria. Both two of my favorite and only things I pick up at the liquor store. But now I have another skinny drink to add to my menu and it happens to be one of my all time FAVORITE drinks. Skinny Tea from Firefly!! Don't tell me that you're not going to run out and try to find this right now!

So Cheers and Skinny sipping on this miserably hot Thursday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Your Style?

Have you joined ShoeDazzle yet? If you're a lover of all things accessories from shoes to bag and jewelry then this website is definitely for you. When you join the website, you take a quick survey of what fashions fit you and ShoeDazzle generates a "style guide" for you. They got my style right on the dot: Refined, Cultured, Classic.

It is free to join the website. After you join, ShoeDazzle will recommend products that fit your personal style. Each month you will be given a different set of pieces to choose from. After you find the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe, the price is only $39.95 + free shipping. You never pay a dime until you purchase your first item. After you buy your first pick, you will be given a different set of accessories to choose from every month. You can choose to buy another item at the same price $39.95 or you can choose to skip that month.

My current obsession from My Showroom is Chanelle. This shoe is a gorgeous nude with a pop of pink on the sole... similar to the red soles on classic Louis Vuittons.
If you are a lover of all thing accessories, then this website is for you. Go join and get your style profile and check out what it is all about! *On top of being a one stop shopping trip, ShoeDazzle is offering 20% off your first purchase! Don't miss out!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

I think my mother is starting to worry about me with my latest obsession of the "world wide web." With this over abundance of free time in the summer, I've managed to fill my morning with websites, blogging, shopping, pinning, editing and you name is web-style. It all started when I began this blog at the end of the last school year. I got inspiration from stalking the blogs of a few of my friends and thought I'd try it out.

Now, a few months later, I successfully have not one but 2 blogs (one fully devoted to teaching.) On top of maintaining my constant posting, I also have to check my email accounts (yes plural) at least 5 times a day... thank goodness for smart phones. Along with my shopping websites: HauteLook, RueLaLa, JCrew, Target, Office Depot, Staples, etc. Then its time to move on to the more fun net-surfing such as Pinterest.

If you have not joined the fabulous land of Pinterest, you are missing out! I like to refer to Pinterest as a picture version of Twitter. Instead of having to always add websites to your favorites tab, just pin them and they are saved for your viewing at any time. On top of being able to save your own favorites, you can follow friends or stalk the favorites of others to find great idea from decorating, cooking, fashion and more. These are few of my latest Pinterest projects and their inspirations:

Finished Projects with their inspirations:
Pinterest Inspiration
My Version

Pinterest Inspiration
My Version
Pinterest Inspiration

My Version
Pinterest Inspiration

My Version... I need to make a few more!

 This Before and After will be in a post later this week!
Pinterest Inspiration
My Version
Pinterest Inspiration
My Version
 Projects I am currently working on:

Just have to add the new door knobs that I got at IKEA!
Currently searching for cushions to add to the chairs I painted last week.
Projects I want to start:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat

How are you keeping cool in this smoldering heat?

Avoid caffeine (trust me this is my hardest one) because it increases dehydration. Stick with water or water based drinks. 
Thank goodness for Diet Caffeine Free Coke!
Stock up on bottled waters in the freezer to grab as you're heading out the door. With temperatures this high it is sure to melt quick and stay cool for a few hours.

Switch up your normal make-up routine and use a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead. I can vouch for this one. This week I've only worn a tinted moisturizer and a quick sweep of blush and my face has not felt sticky or gross once out in this horrible heat!
If you're curious to try... Elf is only $3 at Target
Wear cotton clothing and the lighter the colors the better. Now is not the time to show off your new denim purchase. Go with a light cotton dress or tank to cool down your skin.
Eat foods with high water content instead of heavy starches. Fruits and veges are key to keeping your body cooled down.
Get an early start on the day when the temperatures are coolest. Especially for workouts... the earlier the better.
Stay indoors. Now would be the time to avoid yard work or any outdoor work for that matter. What better excuse do you need for an indoor shopping spree, mid-day trip to the movies or lazy day on the couch?
Of course my choice would be hours spent in Target.
Have a fabulous weekend and good luck trying to beat the heat!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Month Until...

Today marks one month until my birthday! It is shocking how fast summer is flying by but I can officially say that this next month is going to be one of the most hectic of my life. Soon and very soon I will be posting about my upcoming move. I've tried to keep the majority of the moving details a secret until I knew for sure that everything would go as planned. Now that the move is basically set in stone, it has hit me how much I utterly hate moving... with a passion. My apartment is currently a heap of boxes and it is dreadful to sit in a room filled with boxes, nothing on the wall and no character what so ever. But soon and very soon that will change.
Also in the next month, my life as a teacher will resume its normalcy. Meetings are already beginning next week and after that, it is back to the classroom to start preparing for my new crop of kiddos. I have an odd anxiety about this year and I'm sure why. You'd think that last year would've thrown me for a whirlwind with it being my first full year of teaching but for some reason, this upcoming school year makes me nervous. I guess I can only hope for the best.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing several of my fixer-upper projects that I've been getting ready for my move. Pretty proud of myself for actually getting my hands dirty. Currently I am covered in paint and loving every minute of it. Also I've got some ranting and raving to do about several things that have happened in the past week so hold on tight and get ready to get a little heated. Make sure to let your friends know about the new Mimosas on Mondays Facebook page so that they can read along with these crazy antics of a small town southern girl.

Have a fabulous week and try to avoid this heat!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite... What?

Glamorous Green

Glamorous Green by mimosasonmondays featuring cotton scarves

I used to hate when I was younger and everyone always asked me what my favorite color was. I'm pretty sure I picked a different color every time. Not sure if that was out of spite or just frustration. I believe that when it comes to favorite colors, there is no way to have just one. My question is "favorite color for what?" I have a favorite color of clothes to wear, favorite color to decorate with, favorite color of car, favorite color of shoes, even favorite color of hair or eyes. There is no way to just pick one. But I do know for sure that one of my favorite colors to wear... next to black that is... is green.  

What is your favorite color... to wear that is?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A World of Instant Gratification

Thoughts from a friend at dinner last night got me to thinking about how we live in a world of instant gratification, yet we are rarely satisfied or content.
It used to be, that in order to have dinner, someone had to slave over a stove for hours to fix up a delicious meal fit for a family. But today, who needs the stove... or even the family. Drive through any restaurant, I would say fast food but now a days that doesn't really apply, and you can order a family meal, hot and ready in minutes.

Who needs to lay out in the sun for hours during the day and miss out on getting things done like grocery shopping, working out, paper work, socializing, etc, when you can get an instant golden, sun-kissed tan in less than 5 minutes. Hello, spray tan. It takes 1 minute to call and make an appointment. Another 3 minutes to drive to the tanning salon (I'd be surprised if you're not that close to one) and then just a quick 5 minutes in a room getting sprayed by a airbrush and viola... you're a summer beach babe.

Want to see that newest movie or hear the most recently release songs by your favorite band. Well don't leave you couch because it is now all at your finger tips in an instant. iTunes has transformed that music industry by increasing sales beyond what many people had every thought of by allowing people to save that trip to the music store. NetFlix and Hulu bring the latest releases to your living room without any effort. 

Why workout for an entire year to get that six pack that you've been craving all of your life. There is now a surplus in the market of instant gratification workouts. P90X promises a rock hard body in only 90 days. You think that's fast?!? Now there is the Insanity Workout that promises even better results in 60 days. Next thing you know, you'll be able to wear a belt at work that will do the working out for you and then you can head home with that six pack you want so badly. Oh wait... there already supposedly is such a thing.

There are job markets that thrive on this need for instant gratification. Advertisements are filled with flashing lights and half naked girls making you believe that if you buy their product, whether it be a car or drink, then you will instantly have that fabulous life in the picture.

Cell phone companies are banking on the fact that we are a world that now needs to have instant, constant communication at every minute with everyone in our phone book; through texting, tweeting, Facebook, BBM, or even Face-time. How many times do you check your email a day? First thing when you wake up?

The newest generation to hit the working work, Millennials (that's me), struggle to hold a job in which they work in a cubical all day long because they want to accomplish something within minutes; see a production in front of their eyes so that they feel satisfied with their work. Who needs the retirement plan that our parents' generation built their life around over the course of 30-50 years. We want to spend our paycheck, that will allow us to live the life that we want now... instant gratification and all.

But what happens when you feel disappointment after eating a biggie super sized value meal and you're not satisfied with the taste or quality? Or when the sun-kissed color begins to fade within a matter of weeks? How about when your phone loses battery life or service; how will you keep up with your "friends" every moves? Or say 30 years from now you're left with nothing but memories of those possessions or experience that you just had to have and sadly now the memories are beginning to fade?

This life of instant gratification doesn't necessarily meet our need for approval and acceptance. Instead it increases that very need. We strive to have "friends" on Facebook or replies on Twitter. We think that after fad diets and workouts we will suddenly feel different about ourselves. But are we truly gratified by these instant entities? Are you someone who lives on the whim of instant gratification?

Monday, July 18, 2011


Not me... but Mimosas on Mondays! The post about me moving will be here soon enough but not yet for those of you sitting on the edge of your seat.
 As you know, I've been linking my Mimosas on Mondays post to Facebook for you all to see but its become a bit of an overload so I decided to make my blog a Facebook of its own. Take a second today (the time you would have spent reading today's post) and head over to the Facebook page *here and click LIKE. Or you can even click the like button to the left. This will allow my blog post to show up on your Facebook mini-feed through Mimosas on Mondays instead of through me!

Plus if you need to catch up on the past few post you can find them there since I will be removing them from my page.

On this Manic Monday, I will be heading to Charlotte for a day filled with shopping... a much needed spree on this summer vaca... and I hope you have a fabulous Monday to boot!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good or Evil? That is the Question.

Black Swan

Black Swan by mimosasonmondays featuring kate spade jewelry

I know that I'm a little behind the times (okay... more like 6 months behind) on the movie scene but I finally got around to watching Black Swan a few weeks ago and was both perplexed and shocked. Surprisingly, I had not talked to anyone about the movie before I finally watched it; except to hear a person here or there say that they loved it, so I had no expectations or preconceived thoughts going into it. I also didn't know much of the story line except from what I had seen in previews.

You can imagine the shock that I was in as I watched the movie with my jaw dropped for all 108 minutes. I'm not sure if I would place Black Swan in the genre of Horror Films... maybe a Thriller... but I was definitely on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie and a little scared to turn off the lights when it finally ended around 1AM. Natalie Portman brought an element to her role that we have never seen from her before. Her struggle between good and evil bordered the brink of insanity. She was brilliant in both her portrayal of this struggle and in the elaborate perfection of her dancing. 

I would highly recommend that you watch the movie if you have not seen it yet. I will forewarn you that there are several graphic scenes that I was definitely not expecting but the movie is a must see for its pure genius directing and Oscar Winning acting.

Have you seen Black Swan? And if so, what did you think?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Caffeine Addiction Freebie... Don't Miss Out!

No matter what your career is, teacher or not, there is one essential that will help you make it through the toughest of days... caffeine! I rarely touch caffeine because its side affects seem to hit me a little more than the average person and I've been told by my students that I talk to fast when I have a Starbucks cup in my hand.

But at the end of this last school year I found the solution to two of my problems. One being the lack of caffeine in my morning routines and two being the amount of money that was leaving my wallet every week due to my daily stop at Starbucks. The solution to both of these problems was Starbucks Via Iced Coffee. Now for those of you who automatically jump to the conclusion that this is your grandmother's charcoal instead coffee that you've learned to avoid, you are mistaken. These little packs are nothing short of an official Starbucks drink without the hassle of an absurdly long line or outrageous price.

The Via Iced Coffee comes with a pack of 5 drink packets. Each drink packet makes a 16oz drink which would be that average Grande coffee. I'm a "tall girl" so I use half of a packet each morning. Therefore the pack of 5 packets last me for 10 drinks! And the price is only $5.95 compared to the $6 I usually pay for ONE drink.

Now this might seem all grand and dandy but my excitement continues because now Starbucks has flavored Via Iced Coffee... and it comes in Caramel. For those of you Caramel Macchiato fans, this one's for you.

Some of you are getting frustrated because you're thinking that this isn't very Thrifty. Well here's the thriftiness... Starbucks is running a special July 14th-17th. Starbucks is giving out a free tall drink of your choice with purchase of any Via Coffee. So what are you waiting for? I'm headed to Starbucks right now to get my Iced Coffee for FREE!

Blair Waldorf... Trend or No?

Blair Waldorf

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I used to be am slightly obsessed with Blair Waldorf. Yes, she has some outrageous fashion sense and can wear some odd style combinations but she is always dressed so classy and borderline haughty. One fashion trend that I fell follower of a few years ago were her headbands. You know what I'm talking about... the bigger the better. Well the question now is: "What age is too old to wear headbands?"

I own some gorgeous headbands; including a feathered headband similar to the one above (except mine is navy, brown and emerald... much prettier.) A few times, I have tried it on before leaving the house and loved it with several outfits but I never leave with it on because I'm worried that it makes me look too young (which is not hard to do.)

Now I'm asking you. Do you think that headbands should be left to the world of teeniboppers? If Blair can pull it off, why can't I?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Thought I Was Southern Until...

This past week I saw on several blog posts that everyone was loving their summer tomato pies. Now, I am a southern girl and thought that I was a southern food connoisseur to say the least... but oh was I wrong. I for one had never heard of tomato pie nor had I ever tasted it. So immediately I consulted my dad; the southern chef, who had also never heard of tomato pie. I was dumb founded. This was only more inspiration to create a pie of my own to see what it was that we've been missing all these years. I found quite a few recipes online and decided to tweak a few and take dibs and dabs from different recipes to create my own. Needless to say, mom and I had eaten two pieces of the pie straight out of the oven before the table was even set. This has to be one of my new favorites!
remember, I'm not a food photographer... but it was delicious!

What you need:

Pre-made Pie Crust from the freezer section (brand doesn't matter)
1 Sweet Onion (even if you don't like onion you'll love this)
4 Small Tomatoes (I used 3 yellow tomatoes and 1 red tomato... the yellow ones are the best because they aren't as acidic so they're almost sweeter)
4 Basil Leaves Chopped or Basil Spice
Salt and Pepper
1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
1 Cup Sharp Cheddar Cheese
3/4 Cup Mayo (you can use lite mayo if you please)

How to Make:
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Let the pie crust set out for about 5 minutes if it is still really frozen
  3. If the pie crust is soft then you are ready. Take a fork and lightly poke the bottom of the crust to avoid bubbling. 
  4. Bake the crust at 350 for about 8 minutes... do not let it get golden brown!
  5. Slice the sweet onion into very thin slices vertically (you need about 5 slices) and set aside.
  6. Cut the tomatoes vertically and squeeze the excess juice out of them.
  7. Cut the tomatoes into small slices and place them in a colander.
  8. Take a paper towel and press the tomatoes to get all excess juice out (the more juice you get out the better) and set aside.
  9. Mix in a separate bowl the two cheeses and the mayo. This should make a creamy consistency.
  10. When pie crust is finished, place the onions in one layer on the bottom of the pie crust.
  11. Add tomatoes on top of the onions.
  12. Spread the cheese mix over the entire top of the pie.
  13. Bake for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.
  14. Slice and eat warm!

Wordless Wednesday: Lilly Loving Summer

Summer Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer top
$68 -

Lilly Pulitzer leather wedge
$198 -

Lilly Pulitzer stripe handbag
$118 -

Lilly Pulitzer scarve
$118 -