Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat

How are you keeping cool in this smoldering heat?

Avoid caffeine (trust me this is my hardest one) because it increases dehydration. Stick with water or water based drinks. 
Thank goodness for Diet Caffeine Free Coke!
Stock up on bottled waters in the freezer to grab as you're heading out the door. With temperatures this high it is sure to melt quick and stay cool for a few hours.

Switch up your normal make-up routine and use a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead. I can vouch for this one. This week I've only worn a tinted moisturizer and a quick sweep of blush and my face has not felt sticky or gross once out in this horrible heat!
If you're curious to try... Elf is only $3 at Target
Wear cotton clothing and the lighter the colors the better. Now is not the time to show off your new denim purchase. Go with a light cotton dress or tank to cool down your skin.
Eat foods with high water content instead of heavy starches. Fruits and veges are key to keeping your body cooled down.
Get an early start on the day when the temperatures are coolest. Especially for workouts... the earlier the better.
Stay indoors. Now would be the time to avoid yard work or any outdoor work for that matter. What better excuse do you need for an indoor shopping spree, mid-day trip to the movies or lazy day on the couch?
Of course my choice would be hours spent in Target.
Have a fabulous weekend and good luck trying to beat the heat!

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