Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Overflowing Summer DVR

Now that summer is into full swing, it is time to get the DVR rolling. We all have our set TV watching schedules during the year (I have to confess that I even have a TV schedule written in my phone so that I'm sure not to miss anything) but when summer comes along, we get busy with vacationing and TV is put on the back burner until we have some down time. The problem is that when you finally have some down time it occurs to you that you've missed the beginning of the summer seasons.

I took it upon myself to make a list of some of my "Summer Must Sees" and even threw in a few extra shows that might appease your taste. Now start recording and have a stow away of hours worth of DVR for those rainy days.
9pm- True Blood
9pm- Falling Skies
10pm- Real Housewives of New Jersey
10:30pm (July 24)- Entourage

8pm- The Bachelorette

8pm- Pretty Little Liars
9pm- White Collar
10pm- Covert Affairs

8pm- So You Think You Can Dance

9pm- Expidition Impossible
10pm- Suits
10pm- Real Housewives of New York

10pm- My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
10pm- Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids

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