Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Full. Hot. Exhausted... Success.

This past 4th of July "weekend" was filled with plenty of shopping, over-eating and quality family/friend time. I decided to spend the weekend at my parents house for many reasons... one being that I wasn't looking forward to a rude awakening on Monday morning by the attempt to break the world record number of snare drums playing at one time downtown (they successfully had 1,009 drums playing at once and I'm sure you can imagine the sound)... outside my apartment window none the less.
Over the weekend I was determined to create a 4th of Julyie dessert to take to the cookout on the night of the 4th. After searching through who knows how many websites, I decided to stick with my brownie covered Oreos. If you've not tried the recipe, you're missing out. But this time I wanted to give them a little festive touch so I decided to add a powdered sugar star to the top of each brownie and they turned out perfect.
I'm sure they tasted good too.
The storms finally cleared and we were left with a gorgeous sunset.
 Despite the storms that rolled through on Monday night, the fireworks were not rained out. Thank goodness! By the time the fireworks started I was sure that I had gained 15 pounds from the ungodly amount of food that I had shoved in my face throughout the day. Not only was my stomach full beyond believe, but I had a good touch of sunburn from spending hours at the pool to add to it. Full, hot and exhausted... the 4th was definitely a success!
Watching fireworks from a roof top... perfect.

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