Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Steals

Today has been a day of good deals. As I posted yesterday, today is Cow Appreciation Day at ChickfilA. All you have to do is wear something cow print or dress like a cow and voila... FREE meals. This morning I threw together a quick outfit with some colored paper and tape (no big effort there) and I conveniently had to pass by two ChickfilAs on the way to meet my mom. Which meant of course I had to stop at both and get two chicken mini value meals... for FREE! For all of you dying to see my humiliating outfit (which I actually wore all morning) here's a little glimpse.

And on top of wearing this outfit in public, the woman at the register thought it was really funny to ring this horribly loud cow bell for about 3 minutes before letting me order... I guess I'm one of those people that will do anything for a free meal.

After lunch with mom, I made a much needed trip to Target. A few months ago, I would have had to confess to making this trip to Target on a daily basis but since I'm not working this summer those trips have died down. While I was at Target I hit the jack pot in the dollar section. Half of the section was 50% off. HELLO. 50% off in a dollar section mean every item is 50cent... that's my kind of shopping. I picked up some great gift bags and cards along with these file folders that I desperately need for my classroom.

After visiting raiding the dollar section, I couldn't resist a quick walk through the clothes; even though I do not need to add anything to my wardrobe. And what do you know, I found a dress that I've been eying for about a month now on the 75% off rack. I actually bought the same dress in blue back in June to wear to our 5th Grade Graduation. Today I got the same dress in green for $6.24... originally $24.99!


Have you seen the Calypso St. Barth collection at Target this summer? I'm especially in love with The Shore Collection.
Today I found these wedges on the sale rack but couldn't bring myself to buy them. I just couldn't figure out where I would wear them to or what I would wear them with. Now if they would've had these espadrille wedges in the natural color; I would have snag them in a heart beat. But I couldn't fall in love with the turquoise ones. They were priced $7.45 today; originally $29.99. Would have have bought them?

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