Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WASP Wednesday

This week has been beyond stressful and it is only Wednesday! From EOGs to the beginning of house hunting... things just keep piling up. To keep from exploding with anxiety, I've preoccupied myself with future shopping lists. Yep... that's right... I shop when I'm stressed. What can I say?! At least it's better than stress eating (which I am also guilty of.) Here are a few items at the top of my "to buy (I wish I could buy) list."

1. Gold Monogram Necklace
As seen on Lauren Conrad:

2. Monogrammed Serving Tray
(I'm going to attempt to mimic this tray this week... we'll see how that goes...)

3. Armchair for my bedroom
perfect for summer reading
EKTORP TULLSTA Chair cover white

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