Saturday, June 25, 2011

Small Pay Check and All...

When you ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, very rarely will they respond with "Well...whatever career will make me the most money."

The eyes of children do not see the price tag on their futures. They only look for the dream - being happy for the rest of their lives. They will either tell you that they want to follow in their parent's footsteps because they look up to their mother or father. Or they will rattle off a career choice that fits their current infatuation or imagination.

Boys who worship every step that a pro athlete takes will of course tell you that they want to join the NFL or Major League. And yet, the monstrosity of that goal is unknown to them. They might even expand those dreams and want to become an astronaut or heart surgeon. In their eyes, anything is possible.

A little girl wants to one day fulfill her dream of becoming a princess (the likelihood of that happening is slim and none...emphasis on the none) or even a ballerina...another career that is extremely hard to come by and pays very little.

But no parent is going to burst their child's dreams by telling them that their ideal job is unattainable or even unrealistic. We let these children go on believing that they can do anything and be anything as long as they set their hearts out to do it.
Who's to say we're wrong in doing so? Every job is attainable; some are just harder to come by and others are not quite as rewarding financially.

If you had been given a list when you were little of every job you could ever have along with it's pay, would you be in the career you are in today? And if you had chosen a different career would you be as happy as you are today?
When I was little I had dreams of becoming a model and those dreams soon shifted into ones of becoming a fashion designer. A dream that almost came true (acceptance to college...plans made) until I woke up one day realizing that my true gift and passion is to teach. Here I am today in a career that brings me true happiness with no regret...small pay check and all.

My hope for you is that whatever path you take or have taken, it will bring you true happiness...just as teaching has for me.

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