Thursday, June 2, 2011

From Simple to Complicated

Life is so simple but we seem to make it overly complicated.

Lately I've felt beyond frustrated with every day tasks that should be oh so simple. I am now waking up an hour later in the morning than I was a month ago and this has resulted in me wearing my bangs in a braid every day... a style that I swore I could never pull off but hope that I actually can. Otherwise my coworkers are getting a good laugh at my bad hair day. Getting out of bed has become a struggle even with the sun annoyingly shining in my bedroom window at 5am!
 Once I finally get around to throwing on the easiest outfit possible. Substituting style for comfort and ease. I no longer take the time to fix a nutritional lunch (considering I only have 25 minutes for lunch and have had to eat in the cafeteria with my class for the past two weeks.) Hummus and pita chips, salad, fruit and veggie chips have officially been put to the wayside and are now replaced with Mt.Dew, left over pizza and M&Ms. Not quite the ideal meal for the rapidly approaching bikini season.

This morning I was being extra lazy and decided to treat myself to a drive thru biscuit for breakfast instead of cereal or yogurt. Considering I had bypassed drying and straightening my hair, this gave me the perfect 10 minutes I needed to grab a biscuit and make it to work before I lost a prime parking spot. But that would be too simple.

I've talked before about my pet peeve of city buses and today this frustration was brought to an extreme. I turn the corner on my way to work and once again... like so many times before... traffic is backed up in the middle of the road so that "Mr. Bus Man" can let all 20 city buses out of the station. Now I will be the first to admit that I'm not quite a morning person but this road block pushed me over the edge. This temporary setback was going to cost me my parking spot but I was not going to forgo my biscuit due to this detour.

Traffic was outrageous after this because of course the city decides to redo the roads in the dead heat of the beginning of summer and take weeks to complete the task. But don't you worry... after a few horns were blown, I finally made it to the drive thru. It was when I reached the drive-thru window that my day was turned around.

The girl taking my order was genuinely happy and positive. This isn't surprising because we all know that companies are upping their customer service; but this particular girl took her hospitality to a new level. I overheard her chatting with the woman in front of me in line and she said "congratulations and best of luck" before the woman was on her way.

Being the naturally nosey person that I am, when I pulled up to the window I eaves dropped on her quick message to the person at the other window through her headset. She inform "window #2 worker" that the customer in front of me had a new born baby in the car and her name was Paige. Now that right there is genuine connections. But it didn't stop there. When she handed me back my debit card, she remarked about how she loved the spelling of my name and thought that unique spellings gave a individual personality. A complement from a stranger before 8am?!? My day was made.

So this goes to show you that the most simple of actions and words can take a person's complicated life and turn it around in seconds.

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