Wednesday, June 22, 2011

warning: addiction

Who would've thought that I would actually find something productive to fill my free time this summer. I neglected to look for a part time job before college students got out and surprise, surprise... all of the jobs that I would work at were taken. So I have now resorted to looking for random ways to make a little cash over the next few months until my schedule is back to normal.

Yesterday, I debuted the first of my summer crafts. Warning to those of you who suddenly have an urge to begin being savvy yourselves... it will take over your life. I have now made more trips to the craft store this week than to the mall or Target (a huge ordeal.) I have found too many DIY ideas and am at the point that my list is overflowing.

Last night and today I tried my hand at another gorgeous wreath. This one turned out so much better than I ever expected and I have to admit that I'm in love!

I found a great way to recycle old books that were lying around the house. And I actually avoided blistering my fingers with the glue gun this time. I'm becoming a PRO.

Here are a few pictures of my newest creations. (By the way... hopefully I will have these babies up on etsy tomorrow so if you're interested in buying one keep a look out. And I will also post a link to the etsy page as soon as it is up.)

The first wreath is made from pages of an old hymnal that I found at a thrift shop and take a look at the chapter titles from the gem of a book that I found on my parent's book shelf to make the second wreath.


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