Friday, June 24, 2011

TGIF... Let the Weekend Begin

I surrendered to the power of summer break this morning by sleeping in until 11! I've been pretty good up until now about getting up at a decent time and starting my day with a bang. This morning, my late nights up had taken their toll on me. I turned over at 8am for an extra few hours of sleep... only to wake up at 11am in a crazed panic because the JPK sale on RueLaLa started at 11 this morning and items like this only last but a good 20 minutes.

Needless to say... my penny pinching guilt doesn't sleep in and decided to kick into full gear this morning. For once I passed on a great sale. But don't you worry... I'm not giving up that easy. Sunday, RueLaLa is hosting the Lilly Pulitzer Home sale and I will be first in line.

Haven't joined Ruelala?!? Here's your invite. Just click this link and go ahead and sign up to join. It is free to join and then you can check out the upcoming sales.
Jennifer Aniston is still looking brilliantly stunning on the cover of Marie Claire magazine this week. Proving that at 42, she is still looking hotter than an 20 year old. In the magazine she appears with her "boy's club" costars from her upcoming movie Horrible Bosses. Not only did the cover remind me that I need to get inspire to go to the gym, but I need a hair cut (picking up the phone now!)

Hitting the box office this weekend is a movie that I've been waiting for ever since I saw the previews weeks ago. Bad Teacher comes to theaters today and it is at the top of my must sees for the weekend. With a cast full of my favorites from Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake to Jason Segel (from How I Met Your Mother... my favorite show) how could I not go see it. Oh and it happens to be centered around my crazed career choice as a teacher. Bonus!
I finally got my paper wreaths up on etsy yesterday. If you're interested in buying one let me know. Especially if you're local so that you do not have to pay for shipping. The wreaths are being sold for $40 and can be personalized. You can choose the genre of the book that I use (some are made with hymnals and others are made with novels.) Also, you can choose an accent color to be added to the fringe... I am currently working on one with a teal fringe.
They are perfect gifts for a parent or grandparent... or even a decorative accent to add to your own gorgeous home. Definitely a conversation piece to fill an empty space on your wall. I've already made one to add to the entrance way of my new house (still waiting for that blog entry.)

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