Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girl Code

So many times, we hear guy's talk about their "Man Code" yet we ladies have an unwritten code of our own. It is a code of poise and manners that has been unknowingly passed down for generation. Unlike men, we do not need to reference our "code" every possible minute. Hence, you will never hear a girl shout out in the middle of a bar, "Don't forget the Girl Code!" But here are just a few of those not-so-secret "Girl Code" laws that we live by:
  1. Don't be a "one upper" or a "me too" kind of girl. If your friend is telling a story then please let her finish without you trying to relate every situation to your own life.
  2. If a girl friend is drunk, do not laugh at her, but instead make sure that she does not do anything she will regret the next morning. ie. drunk dial an ex, hook up with a rando, or share information that is secret.
  3. When your friend and her boyfriend are in an argument, you must always side with your friend.
  4. Be honest with your girlfriends but never let them leave the house looking awful... and be gentle when directing them to another outfit.
  5. A girl must wait until she has been hanging out with a new boy for at least 4 weeks before expecting her friends to be on a first name basis with him. (until such point, he will be referred to as "the boy")
  6. Never knowingly wear the same outfit as another female friend when attending the same event.
  7. A girl should never borrow a clothing item from a friend's closet without thorough permission from the closet owner. *unless you are related
  8. Never date a girl friend's ex or your own for the matter... you broke up with him the first time for a good reason.
  9. Boys are not worth shedding tears. Get your whimpering over with and move on.
  10. Don't judge another girl at first glance... you never know what may have happened to her today.
  11. You will however be judged by your company; so choose wisely.
  12. Girls are to be chased by boys... not vice versa, so please play a little hard to get.
  13. Stand up for a girl friend when she is not around to defend herself.
  14. Never out shine a girl friend (with your outfit or personality) on her special day, wedding, birthday, etc.
  15. "Girl's Night" means just that... only girls. Do not ask or try to bring your boyfriend.
These are just a few of the Girl Codes that I thought of today... but of course this list goes on and on. Do you have any to add to the list?
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