Friday, June 17, 2011

Cash Fast

This past week, I took on the task of cleaning out my closet (which, yes, still held most of my high school clothing.) It was quite amusing to see what styles I at one time thought were fashionable. Also quite hysterical was the fact that I couldn't fit into a large stack of clothes that were cluttering my wardrobe.

When I first started to pull items from my shelves and throw them into the "get rid of pile," I was moving pretty slow. Sitting there convincing myself that I just might wear that dress or shirt one day... knowing deep down inside that I will NEVER put this piece of clothing on again. So I set up this criteria: if I had not worn something at least once in the past year then it had to go and if I could not get the item on my body without a significant struggle then it too had to leave my humble abode.

After three hours of good cleaning, I had a pretty big pile of clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry to get rid of. The next step was to decide where to take these clothes. A coworker of mine had mentioned a boutique in my town, Uptown Cheapskate, that would give you cash for your old clothes and on top of this, they also took designer or name brand clothing. I thought I'd check this place out. I mean any money for these clothes was more than what had in my pocket.

So last Friday I took a decently large bag of clothes to this store. After waiting for an hour (which seemed like an eternity) I left this store with $25 in my pocket and still a good load of clothing left in my bag that this shop did not see fit for their style.

Oh, but don't you worry... I didn't give up there. I remember that there was another store closer to my work that also gave cash for old clothes (a much less classy company but not my place to judge in this situation.) To my amazement, this store took even more of my clothes and also gave me another $25. Now I had $50 in my pocket and still a good amount of clothing left in this bag.

Finally, I had to run some errand yesterday where my parents live, so I took the same bag of clothing which was now dwindling, to another of these stores. Shocked again... I left this store with ANOTHER $25 and still some clothes in my bag!

Trash for cash... to my benefit. Now I can enjoy splurging on my weekend without any guilt because my closet is now clean and I have cash in my pocket. Why not take advantage of these store and see what you too can get for your old and worn wardrobe.

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