Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Treat

The last week of the school year is finally here! I am not only counting down the days... but I am now at the point where I am counting down the hours until I get to send my darling students on their way to enjoy the summer. Being a 5th grade teacher makes this goodbye a little bitter sweet, because I will not get to cross paths with them in the hallway next year. Instead they will be roaming the ever so hectic halls of middle school.

With this being their last week with me, I wanted to leave them with a special little treat. Last year, I gave my students "middle school survival kits" before their 5th grade graduation; but this year I wanted to do something more entertaining. So I created candy awards for each individual student to match their unique personalities. It is the best idea for any award whether it be students, sorority sisters or just party favors.

How can you go wrong with sugar?!?

Here are a few examples:
Smarties: the typical nerd of the bunch
Starburst: the drama seeking girl who is bound to be a star one day
Lifesaver: the teacher's pet (I luckily have 2!)
Three Musketeers: these are going to the three boys in my class that are inseparable and always seem to be oh so entertaining... especially at the wrong times... such as when I'm teaching
Baby Ruth: the star athlete of the class
Snickers: the student with the best smile
Laughy Taffy: the class clown
Pop Rocks: the "pop star" of the class
Kit-Kats: the two students who are attached at the hip
Dove Bar: the peacemaker
Sweet tarts: the sweethearts

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