Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Music Muse

At the top of my iPod play list for the summer is the Queen B herself, Adele.

It is an interesting paradigm to think that recent artist such as Lady Gaga have gone out of their way to change themselves (image and persona) to please their fans and make a "name" for themselves. Lady Gaga will be the first to admit that she had to succumb to the ridicule of the music industry and change herself to fit their mold of a pop icon. On the stark opposite sits Adele, a songwriter who has stood her ground and declared that she will not change anything about herself to please the record label or fans. She is proud of who she is and if you don't like that, then she's fine with you heading over to Lady Gaga's corner.

This British soul singer, has topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic in the past year. She has sold over 600,000 digital downloads and provided a sure challenge for Lady Gaga whom she beat out for the number one spot on the billboards. She has even risen to the tops of music charts in destinations that she has never stepped foot, i.e. Australia.

Has the craze of pop music been overcome by the moving lyrics of this soulful lady? Here's a little taste of what makes this unwavering artist such a success. My favorite of her songs, "Someone Like You."

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