Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Remix

Summer Vaca has begun! So far it doesn't seem like much of a vacation.... more like an escape from reality.

No more waking up at 5am. No more cleaning of classrooms. No more manipulating of young minds. No more answering billions of questions in a hour long lesson. No more playing doctor Phil when solving 5th grade drama. No more paper work or data notebooks (thank goodness). No more staff meetings or lesson plans. No more walk-throughs or evaluations.

Instead of a stress-filled, energy-packed "8 hour" (in my dreams) work day, I now have no set schedule and actually have the time to do all of those things that I never could do during the school year.

My new Monday schedule looks a little more like this:
8am- wake up... and roll over for another hour of sleep (life without an alarm clock is heavenly)
9am-10am- eat breakfast (a new concept to me) and slowly get ready
11am- laundry... in the middle of the day; not after 9pm...and some CMT music videos
12pm-1pm- shop for craft supplies and fixer upper projects for my new house (details to come later)
1pm-2pm-lunch at Biscuit Factory (oh to have more than 20 minutes to eat changing)
2pm-5pm- One Tree Hill marathon and crafting (future blog post about my new hobby to come)
5pm-7pm- dinner out with friends
7pm-9pm- go see a movie...checking one off of my long list of summer movies to see
9pm-10pm- hang out with the family
10pm-12pm- catch up on DVR
*sidebar: insert "lay out by the pool" in this schedule from 12-5 and you have any other typical day during my summer vaca

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