Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Living in a cyber and technology consumed generation, it is more common than not that an Internet reference will be made in most every conversation you have. Whether it be Facebook,, RueLaLa, or iTunes. We spend hours checking emails and surfing the net at work. Google Maps app or GPS is used with every minute behind the wheel. An hour doesn't pass that we don't check our mini feed on Facebook or update our current status.

YouTube can be reference with the touch of a screen. Never fret when it comes to the weather... just check the current conditions on your iPhone or Blackberry. Who needs an actual camera anymore when the mega pixels on my smart phone are ever higher. Want to rent a movie? Go ahead and check out what is available in your local redbox and even reserve the movie from your phone.

My favorite... GasBuddy app for iPhones. Check to see where the cheapest gas is in relation to your location. One that even I have not mastered, Facetime. Why just catch up through conversation, when I can actually see my college roommate on the phone screen when we are approximately 421.5 miles away from each other.

I am guilty of doing all of the above, but one that I am more well known for is my constant use of WebMD. I've actually earned this clever little website's title as a constant nickname from my colleagues. My consensus is that there is no point in visiting a doctor to indubitable pay a copay/prescription fee when you can easily determine the cause of your pain or sickness with the click of a mouse or touch of screen. You walk into the doctors office knowing the list of symptoms that you are going to rattle off to the doctor. Most likely you even know what is wrong before you walk through the door to fill out 3 pages of paperwork. Why not visit this ingenious website, type in your symptoms and click START? Viola... you're diagnosed!

Next time you're having a conversation, take a moment to observe how many times a means of technology is brought up... or even make it more fun and see how many times you can mention cyber references.

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