Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll

Last Friday was the final day of the school year and I was so preoccupied with celebrating my sudden freedom that I completely forgot about Lilly Pulitzer being on RueLaLa! Trust me, I was not happy about this and happened to complain about it for at least an hour on the way to my weekend get away (pictures to follow this rant). Callahan shorts for $30 (regular $58) and Shift dresses for $59 (regular $215)!?! How could this sale slip through my fingers. I hope some of you lovely readers were luckier than I to snag some new pieces from the sale.
And for those of you who are not members on RueLaLa... you're missing out! Join today and take advantage of outrageous discounts on designer brands.

This past weekend, I escaped the chaos that I've been consumed in over the past few weeks with school coming to an end. I traveled with a college friend to Sylva, NC (western NC mountains) to celebrate a birthday. It was a successful weekend filled with new friends, corn hole games, many margaritas and plenty of relaxation.

Rachael with the gorgeous party sign

Welcome to Jason Palooza

Fully Stocked (created a few more Skinnygirl fans!)

Birthday boy taking shots

All in all, a perfect little vaca and wonderful start to the summer. Let the good times just keep coming.

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