Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Need Some Balls?

That's right... I hope you're reading this post purely because of the title. And you might as well see what this picture is about now that you're here. Well this week I decided to take a shot at a new craft that I saw on Pinterest
Sidebar: Pinterest is a fabulous website where you can "pin" pictures of things you love as you're surfing the net. Whether it be a gorgeous outfit, recipe, or even decorating idea. You can follow your friends and they can follow you as well. I have found so many great ideas for crafts, recipes, party decor, and outfits on Pinterest. Basically it is a picture version of twitter. Join here for free and see what you think.

I've always loved the decorative globes/balls that you can find in baskets at any home decor store, but I've never wanted to pay $6 for one ball of string or rope. So when I saw that I could make them myself for less than $1 each, I jumped right in. Also, I may have had an alternative motive considering I had just bought this stunning basket and needed something to fill it.

This craft is beyond simple and would be something great to do with kids this summer. Beware though... you will get messy while creating these masterpieces!

Balloons (I used water balloons because they are smaller)
Mod Podge or White Glue (if you use glue then make a mixture of 1/2 glue, 1/2 water)
Jute or Hemp (can be found at any craft store for less than $2)
Plastic Bowl
Clear Wrap
How To:
Blow up several balloons to the size that you would like your decorative balls to be. Pour the glue mixture or mod podge in the bowl. Cut off a significantly long string of jute. Soak the jute in the bowl of glue for about 2 minutes. Use your finger tips to squeeze any excess glue from the jute. Slowly wrap the jute around the balloon; alternating directions until most of the balloon is covered (leave small openings.) Place the wet balloons on the clear wrap and let them dry for several hours. Turn the balloons several times to make sure that all sides get dry. After the jute is completely dry, pop the balloon and put it out of the ball from one of the open spaces.
Tada! Simple and Fabulous.

I'm actually going to attempt to make a few larger globes in red, white and blue to hang for our 4th cookout. If they turn out then I will be sure to post them.

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